Youth Exchange Azerbaijan

It is really long time when we came back from beautiful country Azerbaijan, where took place a youth exchange. After big sadness that Polish group can´t participate we started youth exchange with groups : Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraina. Each group consist of 4 participants and one group leader.

Youth Exchange was with topic  ”One should eat to live, not to live to eat.“


During this exchange we talked a lot about healthy lifestyle, diets and sport. This exchange took a place in capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku which helped us to show participants what we are doing during our normal working day, how we are in stress, that we are eating junky food no qualit food and we are without good sport.

We used non-formal education as a tool of education to show participants how the big cities can influe our life, our habits and also our descendants. As a tool of non-formal education we used films, workshops, videos, speaches with different specialists who helped us to create better imagination for participants to our concrete topic.

Flame Tower

Participants had an opportunity to learn something new about different cultures, religions, habits of participating countries. Between some of participants grow up really strong frendship and they visit each other after project several times.

Also each participants had an opportunity recieved YouthPass which become everyone.

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