During this weekend (18. -22. May) we are going to host 3 foreign volunteers from different countries as Kenya, China and India. This volunteers Phelly, Pradeep and Ester come to visit our primary school in Alžbetin Dvor and help to go over the cultural inhibitions as xenofobie or negrofobie.

This project is realized by really good support of principal Alžbetin Dvor and good cooperation with friend Slovak NGO Keric.

During this short week we prepared interesting things not only for children from school but also for volunteers. Volunteers will be part of education process where they will play some educational games and be able to comunicate with children only in english. Volunteers prepared for children some interesting non-formal games and presentations not only about school theory but also about their home country, families, friends and habbits.

If you are interested to meet with volunteers and make your english skills better dont be hesitate to contact us on nora@priam.sk and we can manage somehow time to meet with you. Dont be afraid if your english is not so good we have some slovak people who are able to translate all your questions.

Volunteers are so nice and they really like discovering Slovak culture. Therefore we have use this opportunitie to know this foreign countries and people from fare a way and let them to discover nice Slovak people.

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