HUG DAY 2016

It is already 5th year of international hugging day in Slovakia and Slovak organization PRIAM was main organizer for this HUG DAY in capital city Bratislava.

Hug day is a day when volunteers are offering their arms to give people around them free hugs and not only this but also happiness and create smile on their faces. This idea come from several young studnets 5 years ago. Slovak students are trying to contacts as much as possible young students from all over Slovakia. Last year led by Nora Bělousovová who is a main organizer for international hug day they spread this idea to more than 15 different countries. This year it was more than 25 countries from USA to Korea or from Finland to Kenya.

Free hugs

“Symbol of our untypical idea is to give a hug. Hug which created new friendships, brings happiness and offer understanding. ” told us a Jaroslav Dodok the main organizer and creator of hug day in Slovakia. He and his several friends five years ago decided to organize first time hug day also in Slovak conditions. They were googling and thay found out one video with the guy who was giving free hugs to people around him. This was a spark which made them interested in hugging.HugDay_160627-1

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Cross the culture – Youth Exchange, Georgia

This nice time already left. Youth Exchange granted by Erasmus plus – Youth in Action was with topic about culture and it run so fast that we were so shocked when the end date came. We were 32 participants from Georgia, Slovakia, Latvia and Armenia. Now our frendships could just stay in our hards. From each country came one group lider and 7 participants. We created one nice big group og young and active people.

Youth exchange took a place in small city Rustavi, which is about 30 minitues fare a way from the capital- Tbilisi. We spent here nice 10 days from 03-12. August 2015.

This year we were talking especially about our cultures therefore the topic : ”Cross the culture”. During 8 working days participants were talking about national heros, sport, dances, folk songs and so on.11885277_883917611661788_5968818738214067454_n

The topic about cultere have several points of view, therefore we were also talking about us and our family habits and habits in your countires. We found out some different view to us and how different people can react to different tasks as: Do you like more Chacapuri or Khinkali ?- For people who dont know, this is an real name for really good food in Georgia. I was not so creative to create some crazy names of food.

Thanks to this youth exchange participants improve their english skills and comunication in english and russian language. Via different non-formal activites they learnd about legends, fairy tails, short stories from each country. Participants have opportunitie to meet new coultures, countires, religions and habits from different countires. Between some of participants especially particpants from the same country are now so strong  relationship that they are planning to visit. Also participants from different countires are still in contact with all participants. They are talking a and planning some next projects.

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During this weekend (18. -22. May) we are going to host 3 foreign volunteers from different countries as Kenya, China and India. This volunteers Phelly, Pradeep and Ester come to visit our primary school in Alžbetin Dvor and help to go over the cultural inhibitions as xenofobie or negrofobie.

This project is realized by really good support of principal Alžbetin Dvor and good cooperation with friend Slovak NGO Keric.

During this short week we prepared interesting things not only for children from school but also for volunteers. Volunteers will be part of education process where they will play some educational games and be able to comunicate with children only in english. Volunteers prepared for children some interesting non-formal games and presentations not only about school theory but also about their home country, families, friends and habbits.

If you are interested to meet with volunteers and make your english skills better dont be hesitate to contact us on and we can manage somehow time to meet with you. Dont be afraid if your english is not so good we have some slovak people who are able to translate all your questions.

Volunteers are so nice and they really like discovering Slovak culture. Therefore we have use this opportunitie to know this foreign countries and people from fare a way and let them to discover nice Slovak people.

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TIC-TAC course

Finally we are little bit clever. With new ideas and contacts we are going to continue our work in next projects.

cypruss Training course was focused on improving program Erasmus Plus directly in area for young people in Key Action one. Under this key action are hidden beauties of Youth Exchanges, Europian Vountary Services or Seminars and other areas.

Course took a place in Larnaca, Cyprus. In this course met 26 youth leaders from different part of Europe under leadreship of two best trainers ever.

For more informations what Erasmus plus is :


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Youth Exchange Azerbaijan

It is really long time when we came back from beautiful country Azerbaijan, where took place a youth exchange. After big sadness that Polish group can´t participate we started youth exchange with groups : Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraina. Each group consist of 4 participants and one group leader.

Youth Exchange was with topic  ”One should eat to live, not to live to eat.“


During this exchange we talked a lot about healthy lifestyle, diets and sport. This exchange took a place in capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku which helped us to show participants what we are doing during our normal working day, how we are in stress, that we are eating junky food no qualit food and we are without good sport.

We used non-formal education as a tool of education to show participants how the big cities can influe our life, our habits and also our descendants. As a tool of non-formal education we used films, workshops, videos, speaches with different specialists who helped us to create better imagination for participants to our concrete topic.

Flame Tower

Participants had an opportunity to learn something new about different cultures, religions, habits of participating countries. Between some of participants grow up really strong frendship and they visit each other after project several times.

Also each participants had an opportunity recieved YouthPass which become everyone.

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