HUG DAY 2016

It is already 5th year of international hugging day in Slovakia and Slovak organization PRIAM was main organizer for this HUG DAY in capital city Bratislava.

Hug day is a day when volunteers are offering their arms to give people around them free hugs and not only this but also happiness and create smile on their faces. This idea come from several young studnets 5 years ago. Slovak students are trying to contacts as much as possible young students from all over Slovakia. Last year led by Nora Bělousovová who is a main organizer for international hug day they spread this idea to more than 15 different countries. This year it was more than 25 countries from USA to Korea or from Finland to Kenya.

Free hugs

“Symbol of our untypical idea is to give a hug. Hug which created new friendships, brings happiness and offer understanding. ” told us a Jaroslav Dodok the main organizer and creator of hug day in Slovakia. He and his several friends five years ago decided to organize first time hug day also in Slovak conditions. They were googling and thay found out one video with the guy who was giving free hugs to people around him. This was a spark which made them interested in hugging.HugDay_160627-1

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